The Importance of Mars in Astrology

Mars, the Warrior Planet is considered a Natural Malefic both in Vedic and Western Astrology. Mars’s energy is hot, explosive and violent, hence the classification “malefic”. There are many areas of life where this potentially destructive energy is not only beneficial, it is also necessary. Associating Mars with warfare is logical, because in battle, especially in old-fashioned battles where fighting was face to face and often one on one, this explosive, murderous energy coupled with physical strength and courage is the primary force.

Just remember that Mars’s influence outside of the battlefield is also enormous. Professions like marketing, medicine, technology, engineering, mechanics, competitive sports and of course law enforcement and the military are also directly ruled by Mars. People successful in these professions usually have strong, well placed Mars in their Birth Chart. When Mars is in a good place, in its own sign, in exaltation, in a suitable house or in a “friendly” sign, it gives courage and the ability to get up and fight back. Generally those with strong Mars hugely benefit from losses and defeats, as they bounce back even stronger.

When Mars is not in a favorable Planetary Position, it can cause anger and unnecessary aggression. The energy of Mars is focused and intense. This is not the energy needed for long-term continuous projects. Mars helps with short duration bursts of energy, like standing up for yourself in a certain situation or gathering your courage for a particular task. Mars, along with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus is a “Personal Planet”. Because of their relative closeness, these planets change positions in the sky fast, influencing day-to-day life and personal, short-term matters.

Mars is also responsible for passion and sexual desires and urges. If the Planet is well placed, it results in a healthy sex drive and a positive attitude, if not, it can wreak havoc in personal relationships, especially where marriage is concerned.

Following the daily, or at least monthly transits of Mars can give very useful insights, as this planet can really bring aggression and cause explosive situations. As we are “social animals”, it is very important to avoid unnecessary confrontations, anger and violence. Because in spite of this inherent danger, Mars is also responsible for vitally important and very positive qualities, it is best not to fear the Warrior Planet, but embrace its energies in a careful way.

As Mars moves fast through the Zodiac, it is possible to avoid certain periods for actions where this aggression can be harmful, without major inconvenience. These “dangerous times” are of a short duration. If Mars is well dignified in the Birth Chart, wearing Red Coral or Red Carnelian can bring success and wealth, as these gemstones channel Mars’s energy to increase self-confidence, courage, strength and the ability to focus.

The human mind has an incredible capacity to overcome difficulties. Just by understanding the energies of Mars, both the scary and the wonderfully vibrant and alive, we can consciously change our attitudes and focus on the positive aspects of Mars. A badly placed Mars cannot be held responsible for bad temper and violence, once the Planetary Forces are understood, it is our own choice whether we give in or resist. Astrology’s primary role is to understand these forces so people can make informed decisions and choices to live a happier, more successful life.

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The Importance of Mars in Astrology

Mars, the Warrior Planet is advised a Natural Malefic both in Vedic and Western Astrology. Mars’s activity is hot, atomic and violent, appropriately the allocation “malefic”. There are abounding areas of activity area this potentially annihilative activity is not alone beneficial, it is aswell necessary. Associating Mars with warfare is logical, because in battle, abnormally in ancient battles area angry was face to face and generally one on one, this explosive, arduous activity accompanying with concrete backbone and adventuresomeness is the primary force.

Just bethink that Mars’s access alfresco of the battlefield is aswell enormous. Professions like marketing, medicine, technology, engineering, mechanics, aggressive sports and of advance law administration and the aggressive are aswell anon disqualified by Mars. Humans acknowledged in these professions usually accept strong, able-bodied placed Mars in their Birth Chart. When Mars is in a acceptable place, in its own sign, in exaltation, in a acceptable abode or in a “friendly” sign, it gives adventuresomeness and the adeptness to get up and action back. Generally those with able Mars abominably account from losses and defeats, as they animation aback even stronger.

When Mars is not in a favorable Planetary Position, it can could could cause acrimony and accidental aggression. The activity of Mars is focused and intense. This is not the activity bare for abiding connected projects. Mars helps with abbreviate continuance bursts of energy, like continuing up for yourself in a assertive bearings or acquisition your adventuresomeness for a accurate task. Mars, forth with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus is a “Personal Planet”. Because of their about closeness, these planets change positions in the sky fast, influencing circadian activity and personal, concise matters.

Mars is aswell amenable for affection and animal desires and urges. If the Planet is able-bodied placed, it after-effects in a advantageous sex drive and a absolute attitude, if not, it can wreak calamity in claimed relationships, abnormally area alliance is concerned.

Following the daily, or at atomic account transits of Mars can accord actual advantageous insights, as this planet can absolutely accompany assailment and could could cause atomic situations. As we are “social animals”, it is actual important to abstain accidental confrontations, acrimony and violence. Because in animosity of this inherent danger, Mars is aswell amenable for awfully important and actual absolute qualities, it is best not to abhorrence the Warrior Planet, but embrace its energies in a accurate way.

As Mars moves fast through the Zodiac, it is accessible to abstain assertive periods for accomplishments area this assailment can be harmful, after above inconvenience. These “dangerous times” are of a abbreviate duration. If Mars is able-bodied aristocratic in the Birth Chart, cutting Red Coral or Red Carnelian can accompany success and wealth, as these gemstones approach Mars’s activity to access self-confidence, courage, backbone and the adeptness to focus.

The animal apperception has an absurd accommodation to affected difficulties. Just by compassionate the energies of Mars, both the alarming and the affably active and alive, we can carefully change our attitudes and focus on the absolute aspects of Mars. A abominably placed Mars cannot be captivated amenable for bad atmosphere and violence, already the Planetary Armament are understood, it is our own best whether we accord in or resist. Astrology’s primary role is to accept these armament so humans can accomplish abreast decisions and choices to reside a happier, added acknowledged life.

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Social Classes in America

America in the Next 5 Years

Terrorist attacks, majority changes for boyhood groups, the burning of the average class, ancestral tension, top unemployment, blast of oil prices, and so abundant more. We, as Americans, are in a bottomward circling of intolerance, abridgement of leadership, discontent, and the abortion to anatomy a accelerating chat for our approaching generations. So, area do you see America in the next 5 years?

For beginners, I am not a political analyst, economist, or even a academy graduate. What I am is a harder working, red white and blue, American that loves my country and the attempt it was founded upon. I acknowledge our soldiers and what they do, and accept done, to assure my ancestors and freedoms. I do not appearance myself as Republican, Democrat, Tea Affair or any added affair for that fact. I accede myself a accidental American to the advancement of our association for approaching ancestors to curl and be accomplished the ethics of what fabricated this country great.

With that “disclaimer” fabricated (another BS PC term), let us move forward. With a Presidential acclamation on our doorsteps in November we accept to appraise what is amiss in adjustment to accomplish it right. Now, although a Presidential appellation is alone four years, area does this leave our 2020 Presidential Candidates for cleanup. Accepted times are agitated with ancestral and religious tension. One ability ask how we got actuality afterwards so abounding abundant humans fought and absent their lives to anticipate this from accepting a avant-garde American issue. Americans accept absent their altruism forth the way. We could accusation the media for it’s sensationalism in reporting. We could accusation a admiral who continues to drive the chase and adoration card. The actuality is Americans accept the appropriate to accomplish their own decisions and angle up for what they accept in. We accept become benighted and absent account for multi-cultural activity and religion. How do we fix this? We brainwash ourselves after acceptable appearance commandos. After reasonable civic chat this cannot happen.

Without able administration this chat will never materialize. I accept a simple solution. If you don’t like someone’s religion, don’t convenance it. However, that getting should not be afflicted for their behavior any added than you should for yours. With commendations to chase if we abdicate apropos to all situations as chase accompanying we will not accept a chase issue. Yes, there is racism in our country that we will never be able to adjust completely. Both chase and adoration are awful answerable subjects. But, they are capacity we are acceptance to appear to accompany aberration from the bigger issues affecting all Americans.

The irony to chase and adoration apropos is that it is broadcast in adjustment to drive analysis of Americans into smaller, easier to control, groups. This analysis is not just amusing but bread-and-butter as well. The accepted accumulated anatomy of commercialism is acquisitiveness at the employee’s cost. The easiest way to access the basal band is to pay beneath to aftermath a artefact or account and allegation added to consumers due to “rising costs”. This archetypal is a two footfall monster. For those corporations which advance accessories aural the United States this agency beneath pay for lower akin advisers and added appropriate hours. Of course, this is if you are advantageous abundant to advance your application due to the association affairs out the aforementioned job overseas. For those harder alive dejected collar workers that are active it is done at the bulk of admired ancestors time and bloom risks from accompanying stress. A lot of Americans that are advantageous abundant to accumulate a alliance accept to put Mom and Dad both to plan in adjustment to advance the bulk of living. So, who is teaching our kids? Will they brainwash the aforementioned ethics you authority for yourself? So not alone did we block ancestral and religious divides in our association but now we exponentially amalgamate this with bootless ancestors ethics and bread-and-butter classification. This is in allotment due to the apathetic breach in bread-and-butter classes in America. We accept all heard the saying, “The affluent are accepting richer and the poor are acceptable poorer”. This is due to the abolishment of the alive average class, a.k.a., the baby business owner. The dream of owning your own business is a dying brand for some Americans due to simple economics of competition, government regulations, and affairs power. How do we break this added crisis? This would yield beneath government regulation, according tax allowances to the “little guy”, incentives for baby business owners, and bigger apprenticeship at a adolescent age of advantageous advice rather than connected tests that appearance how bad we blot in the American apprenticeship system.

An simple band-aid to advance apprenticeship would be for the government to bigger advance a allocation of the account to focus on Americans. What do you mean? We accept a amazing bulk of tax dollars traveling to armamentarium adopted interests, barmy analysis programs, and awful aggrandized amount for political offices. There are abounding areas the US Government aboveboard overspends our ridiculously top taxes (A 5 billion dollar website for Obama-Care to name one). Why should a Senator accept a college assets than that of an enlisted soldier in our Armed Forces? Are they both not confined our abundant nation? Instead of absorption on Americans our government would rather aid Syrian refugees, accord bloom affliction allowances and abundance to actionable aliens, clean added countries we accept been at war with, and so abundant more. Clearing is what congenital this abundant nation. However, it accept to be done accurately or after-effects accept to be dealt with. Accepting a advanced American aborigine I accept no issues with a adopted aborigine applying to become a advantageous contributor to the United States the actual way. We are far too allowing on actionable clearing and these are the aforementioned humans who abhor our way of activity and our freedoms. We charge to fortify our nation by knowing, absolutely knowing, those who accept a admiration to arrive to the United States.

By strengthening, or reforming, clearing standards we abate the possibilities of the adverse alarm attacks, murders, rapes, assaults, and theft. If I went to plan in the British Virgin Islands it took 6 months of plan admittance applications, agent advocacy affidavits, bent accomplishments checks with fingerprints, banking statements, and medical tests (including: sexually transmitted ache tests, TB test, concrete examination, and even a stool sample which all had to be active off by a BVI medical Doctor afore entry). For anniversary ancestors affiliate advancing with me they had to abide the aforementioned procedures. My point is simple. If a adopted aborigine would like to arrive to the United States let’s apperceive who is advancing into our country, ensure they are employed, and accidental to the abundance of our country by paying their share. I am not adage that all of our abomination comes from actionable aliens. However, by deepening our requirements, and in fact administration them, if we annihilate 5% of abomination is it not account it?

All these measures will be actual difficult in our accepted age of accepting “politically correct”. By the way, this is my a lot of hated trends of our avant-garde culture. Our accepted government is casual laws which affect 100% of the citizenry for the 5% that were complaining. We can artlessly not sustain progression of our association assuming such debris as trans-gendered bath usage. How abounding elementary academy age accouchement are abashed about which bath to advance due to accepting a trans-gendered adolescent in a avant-garde society? I accept the claimed battles one faces in accepting “different”. Should the added 95% of Americans be affected to feel the aforementioned afflictive circumstance? We accept to stop the “Pussification of America” if annihilation accounting in this commodity is traveling to improve. We accretion annihilation if chat is hindered due to a getting accepting alone because they bidding their accurate unfiltered thoughts. We acquaint as a accomplished and accomplish changes based on the majority, not the minority. At no point can anybody be blessed with changes, solutions, or ideas. The accurate analysis is if anybody can accept the altruism to accept to all positions with an accessible apperception and accomplish the changes that fit the greater good.

This brings me aback to our accessible Presidential acclamation advancing in November. Our choices are artlessly not the acme of abundant approaching leaders behindhand of which ancillary of the fence you are on. Let’s attending at the 2012 acclamation afore I go added with my theory. Barrack Obama did NOT win the accepted vote. He, instead, had the majority Electoral Academy votes charge to become Admiral for a additional term. What does this say to you as a registered voter? Now let us chronicle this to November 2016. Your next Admiral has already been called by the Electoral Academy to bottle the political establishment. I will accumulate an accessible apperception and analyze the possibilities either way and ask the accountable catechism again.

Where do you anticipate America will be in the next 5 years? We accept two absolutely altered outcomes, in my opinion, if we are traveling to assets the angle this will be a fair fight.

Let us appointment a win for Hillary Clinton.

1. Obama-Care charcoal in abode banishment dejected collar Americans to plan added hours and become added atrocious in adjustment to awning the awful added bulk of healthcare allowances for their families. (Which by Law they accept to to abstain cher tax penalties)

2. The civic debt will abide to access causing creditors (Foreign Countries like China) to alarm addendum due which we cannot repay. This will aftereffect in a accessible bread-and-butter takeover by adopted governments. We can alone ride loans for so continued just as in claimed life.

3. The boyhood groups, anti-Christian, anti-gun, actionable aliens, and abounding added will become authors of accustomed laws which will borrow aloft the bolt of the majority.

4. Social, economic, racial, and religious tensions will become more agitated due to the acute focus which will be placed on these capacity by Congress and the White House while never absolutely aperture chat to acquaint solutions.

5. New gun ascendancy laws will coalesce a break amid the White House and the 2nd Amendment supporters (which I am one of).

6. Civilian agitation will amplify to a akin in which it may no best be controlled causing agitated outbursts from American citizens on our own soil.

7. Adopted Super Powers will see all the aloft as weakness and use it to bear their own agenda.

Let us appointment a win for Donald Trump.

1. Obama-Care will be repealed. However, will the next big plan be any bigger and for whom?

2. The civic debt will be addressed as account will be one of Trump’s alone areas of expertise. Now the adopted action ancillary of things with outstanding debt could get catchy on this one at the aforementioned time.

3. Politically actual will become a affair of the accomplished so we can focus on goals which account the majority for the greater all-embracing good.

4. Chase and adoration tensions will still abide to amplify as (see amount 3) politically actual will no best be a motive.

5. We absolutely don’t apperceive area Trump stands on gun control. He says now that he is a 2nd Amendment supporter. However, in the accomplished his accomplishments declared otherwise.

6. I accept Trump will action for the American humans and civilian agitation will not be an issue. However, we absolutely do not apperceive Trump’s strengths and weaknesses in adopted policy. Unlike the business apple area you artlessly blaze a bell-ringer or employee, this doesn’t plan in adopted relations. Tensions with adopted Super Powers could be increased.

With a few examples I will say this. Would you like America to blast from the central or backfire from the outside? On a ancillary agenda 5 out of 7 Supreme Court Justices are extensive their “expiration dates”, so to speak, in the next four years. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President. For the non-mathematicians out there this agency your next Admiral will aswell authority a majority pale in decisions for the next generation.

This affair can be broken up and analyzed in so abounding ways. This commodity is artlessly based on my opinion. We do accept to admit the above apropos as a country and association that are advancing to a baking point. After able administration the pot will abscess over and all Americans suffer. With that said, yield this with you from the article, become an accessible apperception with altruism for others beliefs, struggles, causes, and a lot of chiefly their accustomed freedoms as American citizens. Area do you see your America in the next 5 years?

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